A Data Stream-based Evaluation Framework for Traffic Information Systems

TitleA Data Stream-based Evaluation Framework for Traffic Information Systems
Publication TypeProceedings Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGeisler, S., C. Quix, and S. Schiffer
Conference NameProceedings of the 1st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on GeoStreaming (IWGS 2010)
Date PublishedNovember 2
Conference LocationSan Jose, CA, USA
EditorAli, M., E. Hoel, and C. Shahabi
KeywordsData-Streams, Stream Mining, Traffic Information Systems

Traffic information systems based on mobile, in-car sensor technology are a challenge for data management systems as a huge amount of data has to be processed in real-time. Data mining methods must be adapted to cope with these challenges in handling streaming data. Although several data stream mining methods have been proposed, an evaluation of such methods in the context of traffic applications is yet missing. In this paper, we present an evaluation framework for data stream mining for traffic applications. We apply a traffic simulation software to emulate the generation of traffic data by mobile probes. The framework is evaluated in a first case study, namely queue-end detection. We show first results of the evaluation of a data stream mining method, using multiple parameters for the traffic simulation. The goal of our work is to identify parameter settings for which the data stream mining methods produce useful results for the traffic application at hand.

Citation Key Geisler:Quix:Schiffer:IWGS2010:QueueEndDetection
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